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  • Darline Goyea

What’s Your Superpower? Discovering the Extraordinary Within You

Sunday mornings are a sanctuary for my sister and me – a time for indulging in laughter, the nostalgia of our childhood, and our favorite ritual: marathon phone conversations that stretch for a leisurely three hours. On one such captivating Sunday, an unexpected topic wove its way into our dialogue: superpowers. "Tell me," my sister challenged, as she typically does, "what do you think your superpower is?" Time seemed to stand still as I pondered her question. Minutes stretched into moments as I grappled with the weight of self-discovery. Finally, I confessed, "I don't know." Silence greeted my response, accompanied by a sigh on the other end, again, as she often does.

"Everyone has a superpower," she insisted, her conviction intense even through the phone line. "Yours is the ability to take people's visions and breathe life into them through strategic marketing and communications." My thoughts swirled as I pondered her observation. Once again, she voiced her conviction, “I really believe it's your superpower.”

I felt a rush of emotions—a fusion of surprise, humility, and a faint recognition of truth. "You might be right, sis,” I finally admitted, letting the words swirl in my head a bit.

This casual conversation led me down a path of introspection, exploring the notion of superpowers – those unique qualities that define us beyond the ordinary. Merriam-Webster defines a superpower as an ability akin to those of superheroes: the power to become invisible or fly. However, let’s, for this conversation, adopt the definition that my sister and I crafted during that illuminating conversation. A superpower, to us, is something you excel at and derive immense enjoyment from. Essentially, it's a harmonious blend of skill and passion.

There's a familiar saying that claims that when you engage in an activity you love, it never feels like work. And that’s the crux of it all – we all possess superpowers within us. They might not involve capes or flying through the skies, but they are equally extraordinary. Whether you're a hairstylist who can transform hair into art, a photographer who captures fleeting moments to lasting memories, the comedian who spins laughter, or a therapist who helps heal wounded souls – you have a superpower. It's the manifestation of your passion, something you'd willingly dedicate your time to, regardless of financial gain.

What's fascinating is that these superpowers are often rooted in our childhood hobbies. Remember those small joys that made your heart race as a kid? Are those sparks of fascination roaring fires of curiosity--a passion that sustains us throughout life?

From an innocent pastime to a full-fledged vocation, our superpowers find ways to sustain us, driving our livelihoods while filling us with a profound sense of purpose. It's as if the universe conspires to merge our natural inclinations with our life's journey, ensuring we channel our energy into endeavors that genuinely resonate with us.

So, dear reader, the next time someone asks you about your superpower, think beyond the feats of comic book heroes. Reflect on your passions, and the activities that ignite a fire within you. Those are your superpowers. Embrace your passions, for they are the keys that unlock the extraordinary within the ordinary. May this moment be the spark that guides you to discover, cherish, and wield your very own superpower.

DOX & Associates, LLC is a public relations consulting firm offering superpower services.


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