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Graphic Design


Want to be memorable in the eyes of your customers and audience? We know how to do that at DOX & Associates. We recognize the many ways graphic design can create eye-catching, on-trend designs for our clients. From, how to develop a distinct visual identity, to leveraging the power of your logo, typography, design & photography, and color schemes, is important in leveraging a brand’s success and longevity. Aesthetics matter, first impressions count and having a strong visual identity can make your brand--like we said-- more memorable.

Brand Creation

A crucial element to branding is storytelling, which allows you to connect with your audience

on an emotional level, providing a memorable and meaningful experience. Through brand creation,

we can create an authentic connection with your audience, making them feel as if they are part

of your brand’s story. Having a visually consistent and recognizable identity will ensure that your brand stands out from the competition and allows customers to easily recognize your products and services. 

We offer a branding package that would include all of your brand identity essentials such as, logo design, typography, color palette, and style guide. Once you have the basic elements of your branding package in place, you can create additional assets and use them to make your communications even more consistent.


Branding kits can include the following asset designs:

  • Social media graphics

  • Stationery

  • Slide deck presentation template

  • Email template

  • Product designs

  • Event signage

  • Print collateral

  • Company merchandise

  • And so much more...


The possibilities are endless and we can't wait to get you started!

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