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Public Relations Management

Planning makes perfect. While no one is perfect, DOX & Associates has an urgency to communicate our mission, vision, and services to our clients as we establish credibility with the public, key stakeholders, and specific audiences. We use a systematic process of communicating internally and externally with the customer’s network. Using a proactive, hands-on approach, we establish timelines of execution, resources, and tools to implement each objective. ​

Our PR approach involves, but are not limited to: ​

  • Setting clear goals and objectives.

  • Identifying and prioritizing key audiences (internal and external).

  • Developing compelling messages with supportive graphics and branding.

  • Identifying methods to funnel communication via various modes.

  • Developing strategies that convey concisely and consistently in a timely manner.


This approach is what we use as a blueprint to assist business and organizational leaders in executing plans of action, setting tones, engagement that proactively, and appropriately captures the right audience. 

Our PR tools and method of communication include:


Audio/Visual Production        Copy Writing & Editing       Graphic Design & Brand Creation     Marketing


      Media Communication & Training       Outreach & Community Engagement      Social media Marketing

                             Speech Writing         Strategic Communication Planning & Development



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