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  • Darline Goyea

Branding Brilliance: Crafting Lasting Impressions That Stick!

First Impressions are EVERYTHING.

My mother would tell my sister and me that all the time. It was when we became adults that it really made sense. And we carry that with us to this day in everything we do.

It also holds true regarding branding or creating a brand identity. Whether it's personal branding or business branding, your first impression can sometimes be your lasting impression, and that's why it is imperative to make a good one from the start. Branding provokes influence and feelings, which becomes your identifier with your audience. That identifier is what makes or breaks customer loyalty. Your branding is what ties your audience and customers to you and your services and products.

I've advised and worked with clients and found this message worth repeating. I don't set my clients up for perfection because what does that even look like? However, I do set them up for a few things when it comes to branding their business. And I always start with the phrase; First impressions are EVERYTHING.

What does this have to do with branding and brand creation? Brand creation tells a story. It tells your story. Who you are, where you've come from, and where you're headed. It gives your audience an inside peek at what your business is all about. It brings awareness and attention to what you have to offer. This is why brand creation is such an essential part of marketing. When considering your brand, there are three things you have to remember. I call it the three A's of brand creation. I've mentioned them here already. Awareness, Attention and Audience.

For example, have you ever seen those television commercials about the cholesterol-reducing pill that takes you through one dancing scenario to the next? The one common theme in these commercials is the branding. Pay close attention to the colors or the jingle playing in the background. If the advertised product has three colors tied to it, the commercial's actors, props, and images will often have that same concurring theme. It's the Awareness of the three A's.

The pill company wants you to remember them, and they do this by constantly reminding you in the commercial through the colors or the catchy jingle. It's not trickery; it's branding. Here's the second A; Attention. So now that the pill company has made you aware of who they are, the goal is you'll remember them the next time you go to your local pharmacy store. When you see those colors, you are more likely to purchase that particular brand because you've seen and remembered the colors--and can't get that catchy jingle out of your head. Now they have your attention.

If the advertising agency has done its job, they have now made you part of their audience. They will continue to be able to sell to you. Done correctly, they will meet the demands and needs of their customers--that's you--based on the brand identity they have built. This is just a tiny example, but branding is done in several ways. It's the jingle in a commercial, a tagline, a logo, the local pizza shop putting their name on the back of the little league's team jersey, or the signature "chef's favorite" dish at your local restaurant. The list goes on. It's all part of branding. It brings awareness and attention to you--the audience.

Remember, there is no limit when it comes to brand identity. Go big or small. Just be consistent.

DOX & Associates, LLC is a small business public relations consulting firm offering services in social media content creation and management.


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