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Media Communications

The salient benefit of effective media communications is that it helps to establish consistency within a company or organization. Consistent communication helps to build trust with customers and employees, while effective communication allows for quicker problem-solving. Competent communication can also improve collaboration between various departments and individuals.

DOX & Associates uses media resources to establish communication channels between our clients and their audience. Some of these channels include:

  • Text messages

  • Emails

  • Video

  • Radio

  • Print

  • Press releases

  • Podcasts

  • Social media

  • And so much more


Several of these and other communication channels are some of the best outlets to keep information flowing consistently and efficiently.

Media Training

Representing yourself, your company or organization in the media can be an intimidating task. Media training is a valuable asset to have available and added to your company’s toolbox. With the help of DOX & Associates, we provide image consulting, prepare you with the proper techniques to gain confidence or keep calm when facing hard-hitting questions.

DOX & Associates' goal during media training is to help you learn to be mindful of body language, the importance of proper eye contact, predict questions, avoid common traps, and remain focused on delivering your message. 

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