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Executive Personal Assistant (PA) Services


Are you overwhelmed by your schedule and need an extra set of hands? Trust me; we get it. In order to alleviate time-consuming responsibilities such as research, scheduling, social media management, and more, hiring a personal assistant can help you make the most out of your day-to-day activities! 


From reducing stress and workload to improving efficiency and productivity, having a personal assistant can help you achieve more with less effort and time. At Dox & Associates, our Executive Personal Assistants can provide a range of services depending on the best fit for you, your team members, and the organization as a whole.


DOX & Associates provides common tasks assistance with our exceptional selection of personal assistants. All of our assistants are experienced in executing administrative tasks, calendar/email scheduling,  meeting coordination, research, and some social media management. Virtual assistance is also available.


All of our personal assistants are vetted through rigorous background checks with at least 3+ years of experience.

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