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Keeping the Client Our Focus


At DOX & Associates, we are unique in understanding and sympathizing with the plight of representation. As a public relations consulting firm, our services are geared to assist federal government agencies, military, non-profit organizations, and private sector businesses in their specific PR and Human Capital Management needs.


Our hands-on approach and practical services include the following: 

Strategic Communications Planning & Development

Planning makes perfect. While no one is perfect, DOX & Associates has an urgency to communicate our mission, vision, and services to our clients as we establish credibility with the public, key stakeholders, and specific audiences. Our Strategic Plans are specific and customized to the needs of the customer. We use a systematic process of communicating internally and externally with the customer’s network. Using a proactive, hands-on approach, we establish timelines of execution, resources, and tools to implement each objective. 

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Name a business or organization that doesn't need or utilize some form of marketing? I'll wait. Exactly! We can all use it. Marketing is the cornerstone of brand awareness just as much as social media. Whether it’s digital marketing or traditional marketing, it all works for the better of our businesses. DOX & Associates has offered services to several businesses and organizations that starts off with a step-by-step marketing strategy plan. When followed correctly, that's when marketing comes to life. We think of how to bring your customers to you, how to keep them coming back, and express to them how much you appreciate their business. 

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Social Media Marketing

Ready to take your social media game to the next level? Say goodbye to boring and say hello to our innovative social media marketing campaigns! Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a personalized strategy that meets your unique goals and objectives. We cover everything from content creation and management to paid advertising, to help you build brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads. Let's spice up your social media presence and make your competitors jealous! Contact Dox & Associates today to learn more.


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Graphic Design

Want to be memorable in the eyes of your customers and audience? We know how to do that at DOX & Associates. We recognize the many ways graphic design can create eye-catching, on-trend designs for our clients. From, how to develop a distinct visual identity, to leveraging the power of your logo, typography, design & photography, and color schemes, is important in leveraging a brand’s success and longevity. Aesthetics matter, first impressions count, and having a strong visual identity can make your brand--as we said--more memorable.​​


A crucial element of branding is storytelling, which allows you to connect with your audience on an emotional level, providing a memorable and meaningful experience. Through brand creation, we can create an authentic connection with your audience, making them feel as if they are part of your brand’s story. Having a visually consistent and recognizable identity will ensure that your brand stands out from the competition and allows customers to easily recognize your products and services.

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Media Communications​

The salient benefit of effective media communications is that it helps to establish consistency within a company or organization. Consistent communication helps to build trust with customers and employees, while effective communication allows for quicker problem-solving. Competent communication can also improve collaboration between various departments and individuals.

Media Training

Representing your company or organization in the media can be an intimidating task. Media training is a valuable asset to have available and added to your company’s toolbox. With the help of DOX & Associates, we can prepare you with the proper techniques to gain confidence or keep calm when facing hard-hitting questions.

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Outreach & Community Engagement

DOX & Associates has proudly represented the military, federal, and private sector organizations in areas and events that is intend to interact with audiences face-to-face. 

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Executive People Services

It's no secret that businesses in competitive industries, such as energy, healthcare, government, nonprofit, and retail, need to retain top talent in order to remain competitive. An effective way to ensure that employees are engaged and productive is to utilize consultative services specializing in employee relations, diversity initiatives, HR policy creation, and risk mitigation. At DOX & Associates, we offer these and other essential services to businesses in various industries, enabling them to stay one step ahead of their competition. 


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Audio/Visual Production

One of the most tried and true tools that can be utilized in getting your brand in front of your audience is audio/visual access. Whether giving a presentation or archiving transcendent moments, a professional audio/visual production team will make all the difference!


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Moderating Services

DOX & Associates, LLC have been able to assist in moderating panels for podcasts and virtual events and continued to be called upon for increasing moderating services for clients who want that interactive connection with their audience.

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Unlocking Success!

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Our Featured Clients

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"I was looking for an affordable company to help my small nonprofit with branding and media. DOX & Associates was the perfect fit. From my logo to my marketing strategy, they worked with our budget and were extremely patient and professional."

Greenidge Law Academy Foundation



"Marketing a business, whether large or small, requires an experienced and knowledgeable team.  Ms. Darline Goyea, owner of DOX & Associates, LLC is that agency of choice. Her expertise and guidance provided numerous innovative ideas that I was able to implement to grow my business. Thanks to DOX and Associates, LLC for providing such great marketing services!"

Angela Byrd, Owner

Palm View Air B&B



"I have been working with DOX & Associates for a few years now. Since hiring DOX has provided me with nothing less than outstanding professional support in advice in relation to managing my social media account. Since starting this journey I knew nothing about social media and with her guidance she has made it easier for me to advertise my brand."

Rodney Shepherd, Owner & Personal Trainer

U R Strong Fitness



"DOX and Associates helped me tremendously in establishing my brand identity. They were professional and meticulous in ensuring my needs were met and my business could elevate through social media presence. It was so important they knew who I was and what my business truly represented. Listening attentively really helped to curate the brand we moved forward with."

Arnetra Shettleworth

Founder & Nutritional Coach

Butterfly Transformation Nutrition Coaching

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